Verity: Revolutionizing Inventory Tracking with Autonomous Drones

Raffaello D'Andrea, Co-founder & CEO, VerityRaffaello D'Andrea, Co-founder & CEO
Trailblazers are a special breed. Through discovery and invention, they bring benefits to humanity by delivering innovations that solve our greatest challenges—and laying the foundation for the solutions of tomorrow.

Already credited with the invention of not just one, but two transformative technologies that fall into this realm, Raffaello D’Andrea, the co-Founder and CEO of Verity, is the epitome of a trailblazer. Along with his team of brilliant systems engineers, Raffaello has been spearheading automation inventions for decades, beginning with Kiva Robots, the warehouse robots that streamlined warehouse operations at Amazon and helped the company transform ecommerce as we know it. In 2014, Raffaello and his team took warehouse automation to the air, introducing the first-ever fully autonomous drone system for integrated inventory tracking.

Today, Verity’s inventory tracking solution is used in some of the world’s largest warehouses to address a challenge that has affected warehouse operations for ages. By its nature, the process of counting inventory in the warehouse is tedious and labor intensive. For that reason, it is often performed as infrequently as once a year, vastly increasing the probability of tracking discrepancies and errors that impact efficiency and customer service. But Verity’s drone technology has changed these dynamics by giving 3PL firms the ability to scan barcodes to track the location of each pallet and identify empty slots and misplaced pallets.

Verity’s drones operate inside warehouses when they are closed so inventory checks can be done in the background with no human interaction.

With the Verity solution, 3PLs can achieve a zero-error warehouse that ensures availability of the right products at the right time

The data gathered is then transported to the WMS before the next shift starts. “This allows our clients to capture accurate inventory data at frequent intervals at low cost. With the Verity solution, 3PLs can achieve a zero-error warehouse that ensures availability of the right products at the right time,” adds Raffaello.

The Verity solution has proved significant for 3PL providers looking for ways to improve customer service and be competitive. Verity enables these companies to ensure zero inventory errors and offer a higher level of service to their customers through an up-to-date view of their stock within the warehouse. The experience of one particular 3PL client, a global leader in the space, precisely highlights the savings offered by the Verity solution. The estimated savings intangible costs alone accounted for €128,500/year at a large warehouse of the client, equivalent to ~$150,000/year. Before getting Verity on board, the client scanned inventory less than four times a year. Even at that frequency, the company required more than 3500 man-hours per year tom complete the job. Inaccuracy was also an issue, resulting in over 1500 missing pallets each year. The Verity system, however, changed all of that. Using the Verity system, the client could save labor costs of more than €83,000, as well as address an estimated 75 percent of non-labor costs by minimizing warehouse errors and autonomously locating pallets, adding an additional savings of €12,000. Direct equipment savings amounted to €34,000.

Thanks to trailblazer Raffaello D’Andrea, the Verity system is helping 3PLs, big-box retailers, and manufacturers transform inventory management in the warehouse. The company is now working to expand its reach across the European and North American markets. “We are currently installing our system for two industry-leading clients with multiple sites,” says Raffaello. “As awareness of these projects grows, we anticipate a high level of growth for the company.”

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Raffaello D'Andrea, Co-founder & CEO

Verity is the global leader in autonomous indoor drone systems and a leading provider of drone failsafe technology. Founded in 2014, Verity's drones have completed more than 250,000 autonomous flights safely above people, in more than 100 facilities in 20 countries worldwide. In the logistics and warehousing industries, Verity’s solutions automate inventory management, monitoring, and inspection tasks, providing clients such as IKEA and DSV actionable insights into their daily operations