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Top 10 3PL Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

In January 2020, research data and reports by several organisations across the globe predicted a year of significant growth for the logistics industry. Within few months, the world changed, and businesses experienced unprecedented challenges that left them to cope with the global pandemic. The impact to the supply chain affected businesses in different ways. While numerous ecommerce vendors were able to thrive despite uncertain conditions, others were sent to the verge of shut down. These companies, either trying to increase profit margins or regain economic dip, now prefer to outsource warehousing and logistics operations. As a result, the third-party logistics (3PL) market continues to develop amidst the evolving landscape. In conjunction with global trends, the European 3PL market is also growing, demonstrating a positive shift for this year.

As ecommerce and omnichannel fulfilment directly impact 2021, 3PL solution providers must have the right technology to meet client demands and ensure a seamless end customer experience. 3PL companies are thus expected to utilise modern technologies to their operations, empowering clients to regain and retain profits. The industry will also see various forms of technology integration into supply chain processes, such as data sharing. This helps in better transparency, end-to-end visibility, and accountability in the entire supply chain. In addition, the increasing adoption of blockchain is anticipated to boost the European 3PL market.

Another prominent trend expected in 2021 is the increased utilisation of data. For instance, in the case of shipping, 3PLs are increasingly geared towards generating analytical insights across their operations for providing clear strategies and data-driven decisions to shippers. Similarly, in warehouse management, 3PLs already use dashboards for real-time visualisation, thereby analysing data and building predictive business models for growth. Apart from data, 3PL solution providers are also prioritising cybersecurity and have data protection plans.

In light of these significant technological advancements today, Logistics Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 3PL solution providers in Europe 2021 to guide enterprise leaderships in harnessing the power of technology to embrace innovation and enhance productivity.

With exceptional technological acumen and numerous success stories up their sleeves, many of these companies have consistently proven their expertise in the robust 3PL solution landscape worldwide. We hope this issue of Logistics Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to adopt efficient 3PL solutions to enhance end customer experience and ensure an efficient supply chain, thereby increasing business productivity.

We present to you Logistics Tech Outlook’s, "Top 10 3PL Solution Providers in Europe — 2021."

    Top 3PL Solution Companies in Europe

  • Extenda Retail is a leading-edge retail tech solution provider that is passionate about offering great opportunities for retailers to up their game in the marketplace. With Nordics as its home ground, the company’s vision is to be a ‘guiding compass’ for retailers to streamline all their retail processes, whether it is offering innovative checkout methods or modernising their warehouse management systems. The company’s overarching goal is to improve the lives of billions by creating solutions for the next generation of retail experience

  • OBORTECH is an Estonia-based company that offers IoT and blockchain-based digital ecosystem—Smart Hub. The ecosystem facilitates seamless information flow and decentralized control, real-time shipment visibility, and product traceability among all the actors involved in the supply chain process—from production site to warehouse until it reaches the end-users—for enhanced visibility. The Smart Hub’s blockchain-powered version control allows secure sharing and exchanging documents with supply chain partners. Further, to improve transparency and trust between supply chain parties, OBORTECH installs sensors on containers and trucks using IoT technology, which transmit data to the Smart Hub dashboard. The goal of OBORTECH is to create a transparent and fair marketplace among the Smart Hub participants using the blockchain-based trusted network

  • OEX E-Business offers end-to-end logistics services for the ecommerce sector, e-procurement, loyalty programs and POS materials. As opposed to traditional 3PL companies, they have a bevy of supplementary services in their 3PL catalogue that supports customers in purchasing processes, sourcing, supplier selection, arranging the logistics chain, ensuring cost optimization and appropriate delivery time. OEX E-Business has strengthened its warehouse infrastructure and equipped it with mezzanines that allow effective handling of projects. Besides, their services offer unlimited scalability of warehouse operations. OEX E-Business also provides critical consulting services and client support in sourcing products and components

  • PEOPLE has designed a complete ecosystem of real-time transport by combining IoT devices, intelligent software, and cloud technology. Established in 2016, this U.K.- and Greece-based Technology team focuses on a holistic, long-term strategy, where lightweight, intelligent, and connected logistic units enable the transition towards a responsive and insight-driven future, contributing to opportunities of unexplored revenue streams. By combining lightweight technology with connectivity and analytics, PEOPLE can instantly create an Eco-friendlier supply chain, increase efficiency, productivity, and, ultimately, financial return

  • Verity is the global leader in autonomous indoor drone systems and a leading provider of drone failsafe technology. Founded in 2014, Verity's drones have completed more than 250,000 autonomous flights safely above people, in more than 100 facilities in 20 countries worldwide. In the logistics and warehousing industries, Verity’s solutions automate inventory management, monitoring, and inspection tasks, providing clients such as IKEA and DSV actionable insights into their daily operations

  • Headquartered in Buckinghamshire UK, XY Locate is driven by the simple yet powerful mission of redefining operational and workforce decisions for fleet managers. XY Locate believes in making the invisible visible by allowing dynamic provisioning based on real-time data. The XY platform is more than just a track and trace product—it’s an end-to-end visibility solution, with the ability to track, manage and monitor any asset in any environment in real-time. XY doesn’t just focus on the final mile; it covers the whole journey, from planning to execution backed by analytics

  • 3Gtms


    3Gtms, LLC is a leading provider of cloud-based end-to-end transportation management software (TMS) for omnichannel shipping for shippers, e-commerce companies, 3PLs and freight brokers. The company's solutions include 3G-TM, its multi-modal transportation planning, optimization, execution and settlement system; and Pacejet, an advanced multi-carrier shipping execution software

  • Datex


    Datex is a “one stop shop” that provides supply chain software, mobile computing solutions and managed services including mobile device management. This enables clients, both large and small to focus on their core business, rather than on typical everyday IT challenges. This approach produces definitive savings in time and labor and boosts productivity

  • Descartes


    Descartes is the global leader in providing on-demand, software-as-a-service solutions focused on improving the productivity, performance and security of logistics-intensive businesses. Customers use its modular, software-as-a-service solutions to route, schedule, track and measure delivery resources; plan, allocate and execute shipments; rate, audit and pay transportation invoices; access global trade data; file customs and security documents for imports and exports; and complete numerous other logistics processes by participating in the world's largest, collaborative multimodal logistics community

  • Mantis


    Mantis, established in 1996, is a leading international WMS/logistics software and solutions vendor with European origins. With 9 offices and many qualified partners, Mantis is present in 30+ countries in Europe, North America, Middle East & Asia. Mantis' flagship Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) is the only highly scalable "self-serve" WMS/logistics platform in the world. Its design represents a great leap in WMS/logistics technology, offering outstanding adaptability and flexibility